Nate Bullis and sonNate Bullis, a husband and father of two, has been navigating the ever-expanding boundaries of grace with the Sanctuary since 2008. Nate has been involved in a number of capacities with the church over the years, including the youth ministry, worship team, and Downside Up films. Nate loves songwriting, screenwriting, and the unending shenanigans of his kids.

FACT: As a gradeschooler, Nate could recite all 66 books of the Bible in less than 15 seconds – a skill that has yielded him vast monetary gain as an adult.

Brett EadesBrett Eades is married to his high school sweetheart Heather, and is the proud homeschooling dad of two beautiful and wildly talented girls. He enjoys trail running, hiking, and backpacking. Brett joined the Sanctuary at its very beginning, and these days can be found volunteering in the youth room (or in the park), at Sanctuary abroad committee meetings, lifting a glass at Boys, Beer, and the Bible, or chatting it up near the coffee on Sundays. By day he is a transformational leader and team builder specializing in communication, currently working to change the restoration industry. By night, he enjoys time with family and friends, currently working to change the religious industry.

FACT: Before they were high school sweethearts, Brett and Heather were gradeschool friends (since the 4th grade).

Carmen HernandezCarmen Hernandez is a wife and mother of five. She is a neonatal nurse practitioner and has been blessed to be part of the births of thousands of babies over the years. She began attending LMCC back in 2001 and was mesmerized by the message of God’s relentless love for all, which continues to challenge and uplift her at the Sanctuary today. Her hobbies include tennis and doing almost anything with her kids and the love of her life, her husband Chachi. She is passionate about children’s issues and wishes that every child grew up secure, loved, and well cared for.

FACT: Carmen’s mom was a Cuban refugee and escaped Castro’s regime in 1962 by hopping on a plane chartered by Catholic nuns.

Jolene MillerJolene Miller has been part of the Sanctuary since its inception. She grew up, and currently lives, in Arvada. A psychotherapist for the last 24 years she is passionate about coming alongside people in living out who God designed them to be and fostering hope during life’s difficult times. She enjoys hiking and the out-of-doors, eating well, and her furry friends.

FACT: Jolene once spent six weeks on a Harley Davidson as part of an epic motorcycle road trip.

Mike MilliganMike Milligan and his lovely wife Margo thrive on the excellent teaching at the Sanctuary, and the authentic, wonderful people. They are involved in the hospitality ministry and Margo also hosts Ladies’ Night (known by Mike as Mike’s night!). Three adult children still call Atlanta home. Mike is a 30-plus year professional in the commercial interiors and furniture industry, and he and Margo have lived in Denver for three years. Mike enjoys all sports and the outdoors, music, and foreign languages.

FACT: Mike grew up in a golf family, and has caddied in many PGA tour events, as well as the U.S. Open.

Alison SchofieldAlison Schofield is a professor of Bible and Early Judaism at the University of Denver. Her research focuses on the Dead Sea Scrolls, archaeology and ancient languages of the biblical world. In addition to teaching and publishing books, she travels regularly to the Middle East and is passionate about working for refugees and related social justice issues both abroad and in Denver. Alison loves many outdoor activities, especially hiking, biking, climbing, and canyoneering, and she is an avid dancer, performing with a local dance company.