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Kathleen Kegel

Kathleen Kegel, Pastor of Community Life

Unless a body is connected, it doesn’t experience much life but something more like death. It’s when the Life, the Blood, the Breath, the Nutrition flow from one member of a body to the next that the body experiences life, joy and even pain. A healthy body feels joy, but a healthy body in this fallen world also feels pain. When one member suffers, all suffer. For that reason, we’re all a bit afraid to connect. Yet to be disconnected is to feel nothing and remain dead. To be fully connected is absolute joy. To get connected is to forgive, and to forgive is to be made in the image of God, and God is happy.

“What does the Sanctuary need?” people ask. We need people who worship together and people who live life together, forgive each other and discover God in each other. We’d love for you to be involved.

Worship Services

Each weekend we hold worship services in two locations.  The Sanctuary holds worship services every Saturday night in Evergreen at the Beth Evergreen Synagogue. We call this The Sanctuary Foothills.  On Sunday mornings we worship downtown, and refer to this gathering as The Sanctuary Denver.

In addition to the worship services, we have three types of Gatherings/Groups: Connect Gatherings, Classes, and Life Groups. We highlight these opportunities in our weekly sNews and announcements. If you’d like to start one or get more information about what’s going on, please contact Kathleen Kegel, our Pastor of Community Life: .

Connect Gatherings

The purpose of these gatherings is to connect. They help us begin to know each other and cultivate community.  Some of these Connect Gatherings are church-wide events that throw open the door and invite everyone! Some of these gatherings can be smaller groups that provide an opportunity to get connected around a common interest or activity. These gatherings are open to all with no commitment necessary.


The purpose of these classes is to learn. We hold classes about all kinds of topics—anything from Bible studies to classes about relationships or finances. As we learn and discuss together, we continue to build community and grow as followers of Christ.

Life Groups

The purpose of Life groups is to commit.  When you join a Life Group, you meet with a small group of people for a period of time. Out of this time together, we hope to see friendships develop—people with whom we share our lives. Jesus is life. If you are looking for a group of Christian friends, with whom you can be vulnerable, intimate, and honest, we encourage you to join a Life Group.

In Life Groups we share our hearts’ joys and sorrows; we experience the gospel in community; we enjoy life together—just having fun together. We encourage each group to form an agreement (time, place, topics, activities, duration) and designate a facilitator. If you’d like to form a group with some friends (like those you met at a Connect Gathering), please do so and then let us know how we can be supportive.

If you’d like to be more connected at the church or be involved as a volunteer, please contact Kathleen Kegel at .